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Directory of Battle B-Daman characters [Mar. 27th, 2010|07:11 pm]
Battle B-daman Fans


[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Hey everyone, it's me again! 8D So, I was rereading the B-daman manga when I had the sudden urge to type up the info from the profile pages for reference. Then I was browsing this community and had the urge to post it, so here we are~!

Note that most of these info have been around since Season's Spirits, but I thought it'd be nice to share them nonetheless, especially for the ones who had lacking info (coughthecatscough). There's also profiles here for Fire Spirits! characters, although I'll have to warn you that they're very, very different from their anime incarnation.

Each profile also has a little blurb with it, written by Inuki Eiji himself. These range from the trivial to the stuff none of us probably knew, such as name source XD I've typed them up word for word, unless, of course, I've made some stupid typo somewhere.

Each profile also had an image of the character in question, but...oh hell, I'll scan those someday.

1 - Yamato Delgado

Height 140 cm
Weight 38.6 kg
Birthday 6th July (Date he was picked up)
Blood Type O
Age 11

He's the B-Daman enthusiast whose face looks like a steamed bun. That's our main boy! His body usually acts before his brain does, and he has the attention lifespan of a monkey... I personally hate people who are all-talk and no-action, so I admire characters like Yamato very much. I wish I could live like he does! Though I'm sure I would probably be a big nuisance to those around me, if I do...
Additional info: Tommy (Male - 9 months old)

2 - Gray Michael Vincent

Height 156 cm
Weight 40 kg
Birthday 30th April
Blood Type AB
Age 12

The mysterious youth Gray! Is he friend or foe?! Although I'm the artist, there are certain things about him that I don't even know! But as of now, he's sort of narrating the story from 'the other side'. He's cool as a cucumber, has the sense of humour of a hungry wolf and a pain to get along with. But underneath that iron exterior, there is a heart of gold... He probably just finds it hard to show people that he is a caring guy!

3 - Bull Borgnine

Height 149 cm
Weight 48 kg
Birthday 29th January
Blood Type B
Age 12

A scary boy with a split personality. That's how he is! I wonder how he turned out like that?

4 - Mie Delgado

Height 164 cm
Weight 43 kg
Birthday 8th August
Blood Type O
Age 23

Yamato's foster mother. A daring and hearty young mother, with an optimistic outlook on life. Hates wishy-washy people. Yamato takes after her character - afer all, he was raised by her! She's a bit of an air-head sometimes, so that got passed on to Yamato as well. Although... why is it that she speaks standard Japanese, while Yamato has a Kansai accent? Nobody knows.

5 - Terry McScotty

Height 130 cm
Weight 29.3 kg
Birthday 6th June
Blood Type O
Age 10

A boy even younger and smaller thank Yamato. Speaks with a slight lisp. He is a ninja who takes life too seriously. It's always interesting to try to get a rise out of over-serious characters like him... though to tell you the truth, I'm always being bullied, too. It's easy to predict what kind of reaction he exhibits to certain things, so Terry's frightfully simple to draw. In short, he's a simpleton through and through.

6 - Wen Yong Fa

Height 143 cm
Weight 39 kg
Birthday 7th May
Blood Type O
Age 12

7 - Li Yong Fa

Height 132 cm
Weight 30.2 kg
Birthday 3rd December
Blood Type A
Age 9

The only B-Dabattler siblings in this comic (for now). Since their B-damans look like dragons, I'll have to say they are somewhat Chinese. The older brother is a dolt, while the younger one is a composed guy. Hm? I seem to have seen this sibling-setting somewhere before... Oh yeah! My family is like that. My younger brother is always better in whatever we do...

8 - Enjyu

Height 167 cm
Weight 45 kg
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type RH- A
Age 13 (Estimated)

A cold-blooded leader who behaves like the personification of evil. He's quite a rebellious boy, but I think there must be a reason why he became the way he is. When I started drawing him, I could sort of see my own negative side manifesting inside him. Sometimes I think, 'Well, I'm actually quite a crappy guy, huh?' By the way, the name Enjyu is a real-life name, although the kanji (Chinese character) is written differently.

9 - Liena

Height 150 cm
Weight 38 kg
Birthday 30th April
Blood Type AB
Age 12

Gray's younger sister. They're twins, but somehow it doesn't seem to have that feel... Anyway, she loves her older brother and is very obliging and obedient. That's why Gray transforms into a mother hen in anything involving his sister... 'Liena' is actually the name of one of my friend's daughters. It was pretty tough to give this character a name, so I did it rather hastily, but the higher-ups gave me the approval via the phone a short while after I submitted it!

10 - Berkhart

Height 146 cm
Weight 35 kg
Birthday 29th January
Blood Type A
Age 12

I drew this guy because of a request I saw on some website. I was supposed to draw a 'serious looking older brother and his frivolous younger brothers', so...

Brothers: Skulmeta, Nelson, Petraza, Nebus
When I drew this, I never expected the manga to be adapted into an anime, so their names were all given rather randomly. I shall reflect upon myself...

11 - Cain McDonnell

Height 162 cm
Weight 45 kg
Birthday 26th February
Blood Type AB
Age 13

The mysterious youth, Cain. He is a goody-two-shoes when with other people, but underneath that facade is actually... Well, we'll find out just what kind of person he is as the story progresses. But when I started drawing him, I felt like I could see a bit of myself in him as well. Not that we look alike, but the fact that we both act like goody-two-shoes in front of others! Or maybe everybody is more or less like that too? Wahahaha!!

Joe Tetsunosuke

Height 183 cm
Weight 82 kg
Birthday 9th August
Blood Type O
Age 18

Joe Tetsunosuke is a fellow disciple of Terry. I drew him according to the image of Nobunaga Oda (of course, I have never met Nobunaga Oda in the flesh before - I only based Joe on what I imagined Oda would be!).

I'm the oldest son of the family, so I've always wanted to have an older brother to rely on when I was a child. By the way, I used the name of one of my old friends for this character.

(Note: Nobunaga Oda (1534 - 1582) - the first individual to attempt to unify Japan at the end of the Warring States period. He was a powerful but ruthless ruler.)


Height 127 cm
Weight 27 kg
Birthday 5th December
Blood Type A
Age 8

Assado uses the Accel Leon. I modelled him after the main lead of a certain musical show... Characters with personalities like his are a breeze to draw, so I had an easy time illustrating him. It must be nice to lead a life as simple as his...

By the way, he's wearing a mascot costume, not animal fur...


Height 175 cm
Weight 95 kg
Birthday 6th July
Blood Type AB
Age 18 (he looks older than he is)

The lonely warrior, Sly. I came up with his name from the nickname of my favourite actor, Sylvester Stallone. I guess you'd probably have noticed it by now if you're familiar with him... Sly's character is based on the movie 'Rambo'. That's not his ID tag around his neck, but a Buddhist amulet.

I would never want to experience what Sly has gone through before, but I wish I could be as strong as him!


Height 178 cm
Weight 64 kg
Birthday 1st December
Blood Type A
Age 16

Cain's butler and close friend. He's probably the nicest guy in this whole series - A man who always puts the interest of others ahead of his own. Joshua seems like a model-student type, but I'm sure he has his clumsy moments too.


Height 148 cm
Weight 34 kg
Birthday 6th June, at 6 AM
Blood Type AB
Age 11

If you're a fan of movies, you should be able to recognize that Biarce was modelled after Damien from the movie 'The Omen'. When he was still on the drawing board, we kept calling him 'Damien', too!


Height 172 cm
Weight 60 kg
Birthday 1st March
Blood Type B
Age 15

User of Gill Scorpion. He is the founding member of Team Junk, so I made him as evil as I could. But somehow, the more I drew him, the cuter he became...


Height 132 cm
Weight 37 kg
Birthday 24th December
Blood Type AB
Age 9

The youngest member of Team Junk. His name was derived from the headquarters of the second line-up for a certain football club. If I had either him or Assado as my younger brother, the house would become really noisy.


Height 187 cm
Weight 78 kg
Birthday 3rd November
Blood Type A
Age 17

The strongest B-DaBattler in Team Junk. I derived his name off a small arms weapon. Initially, I designed him to have hair that is like the wings of a bird, but it would be hard to animate hair like that, so... I changed it to his current hairstyle.


Height 153 cm
Weight 43 kg
Birthday 11th April
Blood Type AB
Age 12

Wen's good friend. The concept of his machine was quite straightforward, so he was comparatively easy to design. When I first drew him, he was wearing things like protectors and stuff. It got annoying after a while, so he became what he looks like now.


Height 180 cm
Weight 97 kg
Birthday 23rd October
Blood Type O
Age 16

A B-DaBattler who uses a shark-type machine. I did a lot of thinking on how to design a shark-like character. I thought of drawing someone who looked like Kevin Costner in the move 'Waterworld', but in the end, I settled for his current look. Thanks to him, though, I have a mountain of discarded designs on hand with me now.


Height 204 cm
Weight 230 kg
Birthday 31th December
Age 97

Yamato's master. How in the world does he create B-Daman machines with those paws, anyway?! That would be the greatest unsolved mystery of this manga. By the way, he is named after the American title of a certain robot anime...

The voice actor for Armada, Tadashi Miyazawa, is a very interesting person.


Height 152 cm
Weight 37 kg
Birthday 4th February
Age 35 (real age)

I was wondering how I was going to round up this whole Legend Stone thing. Thank goodness I somehow managed to give it a proper ending. Sort of.


Height 142 cm
Weight 32 kg
Birthday 16th September
Age 34 (real age)

Girls seldom get to have a piece of the action in this manga, mostly because I suck at drawing them... But this girl HAS to be in the final arc, so I really had a hard time...


Height 103 cm
Weight 17 kg
Birthday 3rd January
Age 65

The ex-boss of the Shadow Alliance. He's currently living with Enjyu, taking care of him. Sorta like the good mother Enjyu never had... By the way, I adopted a kitten from Kazuko Sugiyama, the voice actress of Ababa in the anime, and the little fella is doing well at my house...

Leaves ya kinda speechless, don't it? Especially Ababa's blurb *snicker* Anyway, footnotes time, for those who haven't read the manga and don't get some of the things mentioned.

Who the hell are Rai and Mei? Well, I really don't want to spoil it, but trust me, they're very, VERY important characters.

Team Junk is a group of B-Dabattlers who were blacklisted by the JBA (or IBA) for various reasons. They're pretty much antagonists for the most part.

The anime where Armada's name comes from is, of course, Transformers: Armada. Silly fact: I happen to be a huge Transformers fan and this left me cracking up for days XD

Also, knowing that he's based on Nobunaga Oda makes Joe a whole new level of scary, especially when you're a fan of Samurai Warriors.

Oh, and hey, shusu , you were right about Berkhart and Sly! That's kind of awesome 8D

PS. I totally agree that Haja is cute.

From: mightyomnivore
2010-03-28 01:36 am (UTC)
Yeah lol. I never got to finish watching it in its entirety, but I know its up on Anilinkz so when I have the time I'll probably look it up. I've tried looking for the manga online and at the Japanese book shops near me, but haven't found a thing yet. I still have a few figures from the show laying around my room too lol.
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