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Battle B-daman Fans

"You playing?" "....dramatic pause."

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We don't do drugs. We do B-daman.

Where B-Daman excels that other programs have failed is in the character development area. They start with a plot that hooks you, and they just develop the characters from there on. It also doesn't take itself seriously, which is where many of the other card animes have failed. [JetixMasterDan]

The game, the anime, the Jetix dub... come one and all! Wonder how a floating eyeball talks. Customize your b-daman like a giant cat pro. Cosplay the cosplaying characters. Pet the kitties. Freak out over the Digimon voices. And remember what Yamato says: it's the love of the game!

Be polite, be firm, and write right now!
Save Our Spirits! Bring B-daman Back on Air!ABC Family
500 South Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521-6078


And voice your support to:
Howling Cat Enterprises LLC
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New Haven, CT 06519

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Save Our Spirits! Bring Battle B-daman back to the air!

Check your local listings! Non-N. American airings have not been checked. Updated 6/6/06.

STATION Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
YTV  3:30p ET 3:30p ET   
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1. Talk B-da to us.
Keep posts on-topic. Comments... not so much.

2. Battle with honor.
We know what immature wanktastic-ness looks like. This will lead to enstoning. Have some marble crack instead.

3. Keep your smut off the table!
Reluctantly, yes. Chatter away about how they all sleep together (because... they do) but no graphic stuff or outright porn. If you link to such, warn us. It's what Sly would do. We may open another community just for that. For the record, we like the slash and we like the het. Bring it on!

4. That's not Sigma!
If you're posting anonymously, please sign your name or handle. We are a friendly breed and like to glomp and rub get to know you.

5. Here's what happened last time!
Spoilers starting from season one's episode 43 ("With Friends Like These") MUST be LJ-cut. As for all other spoilers, we just recommend it. Cut down your big images too.

I'm userinfoshusu and I will be your waitress.