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modly mod is a slow mod [Jul. 22nd, 2008|08:40 pm]
Battle B-daman Fans


Keeping this short: I made a mod decision without consulting anyone or listening to my instincts. Aye, 1) networking and 2) listening to instincts are the ways of a safe and good fannish experience. Hence the recent rescinding of said decision.

(This is why I am mostly off-line!)

If you *did* see the post, please be advised that we will not be linking or otherwise supporting that project. Here is why. I can personally vouch for several of these sources. Otherwise the evidence is extensive and you can decide for yourself. (FYI since bdaman is an all-ages community, the journals listed are mostly adults and may contain adult content.)

Comments are off. This is an informational post, and not connected to the general goings-ons of the comm. *cues the kitty chorus, exits stage left*