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GAH! VOICE-OVERS! [Dec. 29th, 2007|08:58 am]
Battle B-daman Fans


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I finally got to watch the second season. And boy, did their voices made me CRY! Well, not all, actually.

But, DAMN, it really made my ass fell off my seat! Here are some characters I managed to review:

Yamato Delgado - He sounds somewhat similar because it seems like the voice actor is trying hard to sound like the original one.

Bull Borgnine - Aw, whatever happened to the good ol' Mona Marshall?! Oh well... at least he sounds REALLY cool, I swear, even if he sounds like a girl in his original form. But hey, his 2nd and 3rd version sound so manly, but I go for the 2nd one, hehe... Note: A Manly Awesome Voice.

Grey Micheal Vincent - OMG, is it just me, ir does he sounds older than before? For crying out loud, it's only been a year since he's grown, not like, 5 years! Still, I find it okay. I guess.

Terry McScotty - AAAAAHHHH! Whatever happened to his Scottich accent?! NOW he sounds like a boy, but that's not the thing! He sometimes sounds like he has a cold! Nyu... T^T

The Yong Fa Brothers (Li and Wen) - WTF? Having a British accent lately? OMG...

Lieana - She... sounds squeakier than before... O.o;

Mei - Somehow, she sounds similar...

Armada - Okay, don't make me start this guy! (Uh... I mean cat.) I mean.... GAAAH! How come a cool deep talking master sound like an old squeaky geezer?! THIS IS A NIGHTMARE! DX

Sadly, I didn't get to catch the voices of some other old characters, like Joe, Enjyu, Asado, Sly, Mr Watts, and Karat. (YES PEOPLE. They REALLY appeared, and that was during the match of Akyulus and a grey-haired twin, which I have forgotten his name.)

From: (Anonymous)
2008-07-01 08:38 pm (UTC)

Need cobalt blade info!

hey ive just gotten into b-daman (for the first time)and i have FINALLY!
found my 2-3 year old cobalt blade! i got it in 2005 (when i wasn`t into b-daman)and i used to like gundam/zoid models and crap so i went to the model area and then i saw the cobalt blade so i said: hey! this looks like a pretty cool gundam/zoid model! (i did not yet read the title)
so i bought it! i got home and opened it! when all of the little snap on peices came out i LITTERALY fell out of my seat and got knocked out on the table...(I dreamed about a giant lima bean)(LAWL!) when i woke up, the b-daman was built! by itself! ( I know it wasent my parents becouse they left me home to build my b-daman while my mom went grocery shopping and my dad went a work. just to make sure i took out my fingerprint powder and duster nothing.)so then i was like...zomg i fainted again.
so when i woke up i took a good look at the b-daman and i said: WHAT?!?!?! THIS IS NO GUNDAM/ZOID MODEL! so i put it away is a steel box with a lock and threw the key away! (three years later)(right now) i just got into b-daman and i broke the lock by throwing random crap at it. it opened and i got my cobaltblade back!(filled with cobwebs and dust) and i need info about him! PLZ!
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