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Working on it... [Dec. 8th, 2006|11:52 pm]
Battle B-daman Fans


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[music |Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru]

Okay, right now, I am watching the 20th episode of Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits in YouTube. Even though it's in Japanese, I was able to doodle (very badly) the cast's clothes, especially the new ones. I'm also in an official web page about the second season, which I am translating it in a web page translator. Basically, I am spoiling myself. But this is also because I need some reference for my sequel of my Battle B-Daman fanfic, due to fact that it will be based after the second season. Hard job, I know, but it's worth it.

[User Picture]From: shusu
2006-12-08 11:19 pm (UTC)
Can I just say, I've been very busy, I can't even play with my toys (heck, I didn't even go to see if the last few I wanted were on sale!) but you're SO awesome for doing all this. Maybe in the new year I'll get more time and settle down for some Fire Spirits. Rock on.
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[User Picture]From: witchy_girl009
2006-12-09 03:44 am (UTC)
Awww... thanks... ^///^ Actually, I'm also planning to make a doujinshi about my fanfic, including the sequel. The fic's almost done, so if you wanna read it, here's the link.


Enjoy... :D

Oh yeah, and if you're really that busy, I wish you good luck. Take care. :D
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